December 2013


It’s the last Friday before Christmas and certainly the festive season is about to begin. For some people, but not all, today was their last day at work and they won’t be going back until January 6. This year, unusually, I’ve decided to join them and there is a very good reason for that. Me, [...]


I’ve written about Christmas shopping before and presented some cost comparisons between our two countries. You can see those posts here: The Cost of Toys in Australia Australia versus the UK: Christmas Shopping Compared The first post, as you can probably tell, concentrated on children’s toys, after all, that’s where most of the money goes [...]


I may have mentioned the festive season in my post on Friday about Christmas Adverts on TV, but I’m certainly not feeling very Christmassy yet. For that reason I’m going to be talking about killer creatures in the UK. Recently in “The Sun”, one of Britain’s most popular tabloid newspapers, there was an article about [...]


My first ever Christmas in Australia was during a holiday here in 2005. Here’s me, Mrs Bobinoz and the back of Elizabeth’s head in a picture taken on Boxing Day of that year… Yes, Christmases are a little different here. A few days later, we were on the beach, Elizabeth just loved playing in the [...]


Sometimes I think I give you more personal information about myself than I really should. For example… There was that picture of my mozzie munched feet Then there was my red bloodshot eye picture after the chlorine accident I’ve also told you the embarrassing name of my Akubra hat Crikey, I’ve even got footage of [...]

cats n dogs

Yes, cats and dogs from all over the world are dancing and rejoicing as the news breaks about the new Australian quarantine rules. So, what exactly is this news? Pets moving to Australia I got an email the other day from Anita who has been a subscriber to my emails and been reading my posts [...]


It seems ages since I last wrote anything about snakes in Australia, let’s put that straight today. Of course, today is Friday which means we get a YouTube video, except today we are going to get three. Different people will tell you different things about snakes and there is a massive difference between snakes being [...]


Regular readers will know that here on Bobinoz we like nothing more than a survey, poll or report, especially if it ends up with a league table like list. Nothing is more perfect, is it, than putting things in order. We have featured plenty such lists before, including: And the Best City in Australia to [...]