November 2013


In last week’s post about Americans in Australia I announced that it would be the last of my “… in Australia” series. At the time I thought it was. Then I got an email this week from a New Zealander asking about how his pension might work if he were to move here to Australia [...]


In July of this year I was in Darwin; what do you do when you are in Darwin? You go crocodile hunting! Not with spears, or guns or anything like that, but just to see one. After all, how many people get to see a real live crocodile living naturally so close to the human [...]


Or how to save $91.80 per month on your petrol bill. It was more than four years ago when I last compared petrol prices between England and Australia; in fact the post is so old I actually called it The Cost of Living in Australia because it was the very first in my category on [...]

Uncle Sam

Over the last five weeks not only have we looked at the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, but we have also covered Australians in Australia which is only fair, they were here first. So, it’s the end of the series, surely? Not so; like a dog with a bone, I never know [...]


Years ago there was a popular TV show on in the UK called “The Good Life” about a couple who escaped the rat race, bought a house on a bit of land and decided to become self sufficient. Here in Australia that dream can be more of a reality as I explained in my article [...]


Australia isn’t the only country to get wild weather, we’ve had plenty of examples recently of that. In just the last three weeks we’ve had storms lash Britain, the devastating Typhoon strike in the Philippines and just this weekend tornadoes ripped through America’s Midwest. Storm season, you won’t be surprised to hear, has now turned [...]


Over the last four Fridays I have been looking at the countries that make up the place known as the United Kingdom to see how they are represented here in Australia by immigrants. So far we’ve had: The Irish in Australia: For Queensland and Country The Scottish in Australia: A Gecko Encounter Welsh in Australia: [...]


One of the ‘joys’ of Mrs Bob having a broken leg is that I have to go to the supermarket to do the shopping. In the last few weeks I have probably been into Coles more times than I have in the previous five or six years. I am, of course, given a shopping list [...]