October 2013


Good question. And one that I’ve not yet got my head fully around even though I have now lived here almost 6 years. I’ve had quite a few close encounters of the medical kind since being here though, so I can sum it up my own few words. “It works very well, but it is [...]

garage sale

What with Mrs Bobinoz hoppity hopping around with her broken leg, we didn’t get out and about much at the weekend. This probably explains why I only saw one garage sale sign. You know the sort of thing, handwritten, tied to a lamppost, “Garage Sale: Saturday starts 6 AM, 47 Koala Street.” Had we gone [...]


Having written a post last week called The Irish in Australia: For Queensland and Country I feel it’s my duty as a former resident of the land they call Great Britain to write a similar post for the other countries that form the place known as the United Kingdom. Of course, the Republic of Ireland [...]


What do you get if you take one professional dog walker, two dogs, a dog park and put them all together on one hot spring evening? Let me be more specific. The professional dog walker is none other than the director of Dog Walks Pty Ltd and also partner in the local pet care business, [...]


Very little rain in the last month or two, temperatures of 30°C or more and wind. Together they are the three ingredients for bushfires as I explained in my post Fire Safety in Australia: Prepare, stay and defend or go early. Sadly I have to return to this subject again, it’s been a particularly tough [...]


With around 72,000 Irish estimated to be living here, Ireland sit in 19th position in a ‘country of birth’ league table of immigrants living in Australia as residents. (Source Wikipedia) That doesn’t sound a lot, but Ireland’s population is fewer than 5 million and yet they are only two places behind the United States in [...]


A clever title really, but I didn’t think of it. Every time I send an article through to Australia and New Zealand magazine I give it a very boring title. For the article that appeared in their July 2013 issue, I gave it the un-extraordinary title of “Tasmania”. When it appeared in the print version [...]


That strange beastie back garden sound is back but it’s moved next door and is living in a tree. I’m not talking about the original strange Australian back garden beastie sounds that I wrote about in my post Strange Australian Back Garden Beastie Sounds. No, not that one. I’m talking about the one that sounded [...]