September 2013


On Saturday evening, Mrs Bobinoz, Elizabeth and I took ourselves off to the city to watch what I think might well be our fourth Riverfire, the annual firework spectacular that takes place over the Brisbane River. It truly is a spectacular fire display with fireworks firing off from the river, the bridges, and, as you [...]


I’ve talked a lot this week about snakes coming out and snake season in my posts about Keeping Children & Pets Safe and Avoiding Snake Encounters, but that’s because it’s been hot. Actually, it’s been unusually hot for this time of year, I believe some records have been broken for maximum temperatures in a few [...]


There is a saying in the UK that you’re never more than 6 feet away from a rat. It is just a saying though and the likelihood is that it’s untrue; nobody really knows how many rats there are in the UK. Either way, they don’t have the same saying here in Australia, well I’ve [...]


There’s no such thing as “Snake Season” really, but as the temperatures rise during early spring here, so do snake sightings and encounters. Already this year we’ve had three stories in the news. Firstly, I heard that in Wynnum, which is in east Brisbane on Bayside, a 2 metre long carpet Python (which is a [...]


On Monday of this week we had the first significant rainfalls in Brisbane for something like 75 days. Where I live in the western suburbs of Brisbane I can’t even remember it raining in the last 75 days, and I have to say that everything in the garden is looking a little browned off. Here [...]


Which Australian city is the least windy? I’ll get to that shortly. In this month’s edition of our free magazine/large leaflet “Living in Brisbane” (delivered to our door) we are again being advised to prepare for this year’s storm season. The storm season generally runs from around October through to May each year, and here [...]


This is strange, isn’t it? Regular readers will know just how much I love Australia’s wildlife, even those snakes, spiders, crocs and sharks that strike fear into many potential Australian migrants. So now I’m going to talk about killing an ant? Some critters certainly don’t deserve to live, very high on my list of those [...]

Australia: No Rednecks, Chavs, White Trash or Trailer Park Boys Here thumbnail

No no no, not in Australia. Not here. However, some of you may remember that a long time ago I wrote the post called Australian Language: We’ve Got A Word You Haven’t! And today I’m going to tell you about another word you haven’t got; we may not have rednecks, chavs, white trash or trailer [...]