June 2013


It’s the final day of politics week here on Bobinoz and what a corker it is going to be as well. I’d like to thank members of the Australian Labor Party for their fantastic contribution to today’s finale, without their efforts this post may have been a little boring. But, as I said earlier in [...]


In my continuation of politics week here on Bobinoz (come on, show some enthusiasm!) I’m going to talk to you about one of those bills that the current government hope to push through before the end of this month. Their chances of doing that, from where I’m standing, look quite remote. I’m talking about proposed [...]


It’s politics week here on bobinoz, yay! No, no, don’t go, it’s not going to be as bad as all that, honest! Besides, there are a couple of things here that could affect you if you’re thinking of moving to Australia on a 457 or if you’re thinking of coming here on any visa and [...]


I think we know the drill by now, each Friday I am showcasing an Australian city based on the most recent poll by the Property Council of Australia looking at Australia’s best liveable cities. Newcastle, as the title suggests, came fourth; a good showing for the city, this was the first year it has been [...]


When we first arrived in Australia at the tail end of 2007 my daughter Elizabeth was just 3 1/2 years old. Back in England she had attended a nursery school, when we arrived here we discovered we had to find a different kind of place for her to mince clogs with other kids. It was [...]


Regular readers will know that each year when Christmas arrives, it takes me by complete surprise. Well, it is so warm… On Friday I realised that every year when winter arrives, it takes me by complete surprise. Well, it is so warm… Twilight Market Friday evening we took ourselves off to what I thought was [...]


Continuing on with my short series of Friday videos about Australia’s most liveable cities, this week it is the turn of Hobart. Hobart, of course, is in Tasmania, an island about the size of, er, Ireland. Well, Ireland is about 25% bigger, but that’s near enough. Hobart is the island’s capital city, and Errol Flynn [...]


In last months reprint of one of my articles in Australia and New Zealand magazine I spoke about Interstate Rivalry in Australia: A Few Nicknames. That was, in many ways, a precursor to some articles about my plane hopping experiences here in Australia, as the first paragraph will explain. By coincidence, the first city that [...]