November 2012

3 sisters

On Monday my post was about how we lived in one of Sydney’s multi-millionaire suburbs for all of 2 days, and on Wednesday I explained how Mrs Bobinoz and Elizabeth took care of some dogs in Australian quarantine for the day. Today, being Friday, I have a video for you as I conclude ‘Sydney Week’. [...]


As you know we had a fantastic weekend in Sydney, not quite living like millionaires, but certainly hanging out where all the millionaires live, and, I’ve since been told, multi-millionaires. At one point during our weekend, Mrs Bobinoz did say “I’ve changed my mind about Sydney, I could live here.” No you can’t! North Shore, [...]


I’ve been to Sydney a couple of times before, always headed for the city centre and the bright lights. It’s busy, no doubt about that, busier than any other Australian city by a long way. But this weekend I saw the other side of Sydney. North Shore. We arrived at our hotel later than we [...]


I’m not here. This isn’t the first time I’ve not been here either, it has happened previously as I discovered when I used the search facility on my own website and also utilised the built-in memory of my brain to find “I’m not here” related posts. Here’s what came up: Yippeee! I’m on Holiday The [...]


This is a post that was originally an article in Australia and New Zealand magazine. I usually reprint articles about a month or so after they’ve appeared in print, but this one was featured in the magazine’s February 2012 issue. I’ve been holding back for a reason, because this week is Schoolies Week. Now, at [...]


This post can be regarded as some kind of “closing the barn door after the horse has bolted” sort of thing. For about a month or so now, as you drive around these parts, you will occasionally come across a poster or one of those electronic signs. In the past these signs and posters have [...]

blue moon

About a month ago, we had a blue moon here in Australia. Blue moons aren’t really that rare, not as rare as the phrase “once in a blue moon” would suggest. Blue moons are when two full moons occur in one calendar month. Blue moons happen once every 2 to 3 years, so they are [...]


We’ve recently been doing some home improvements to our house here in Australia, it got me thinking. We all know there are certain things you can do to improve the value of your home, but are those things the same in the UK as they are here in Australia? Certainly things are different when buying [...]