October 2012


I have written many articles about the cost of living here in Australia on this website. But a few months ago, I realised I hadn’t written anything about the same subject for my monthly column in Australia and New Zealand magazine. So I decided to put that right, and starting in their “summer issue”, which [...]


With Great Britain Week well and truly behind us, it’s time to get on with the business of life in Australia again. So, I was thinking, how best do we slip straight back into the world of Australia after having spent a week in the UK? One of the things that struck me like a [...]


Except for, well, maybe just one picture in here did not come from England. I wonder if you can guess which one it is. Anyway, as you know its Great Britain week here on Bobinoz. On Monday I had My ‘British Weekend’ in Brisbane and on Wednesday we had my Visiting Britain special. Today I [...]

Telephone box

In about an hour’s time I’ll be jumping into my car and driving to Brisbane airport to pick up my two girls who will be arriving back home after their holiday in England. As you know, I didn’t go, I just didn’t fancy a holiday in the UK, but that is not to say I [...]


As you know, Mrs BobinOz and my daughter Elizabeth are currently on holiday and I chose not to go with them, because I really did not want to return to England. I’ve missed them these past two weeks, of course I have, and I’m really looking forward to when they get back on Wednesday. This [...]

When it comes to Australia’s sea life, I would say its sharks, dolphins and migrating whales that get all of the big publicity. But we have another marine dwelling mammal that you certainly don’t get in the UK. We are not the only country that has them off our shores, but the northern seas of [...]


Step 1: Pick up your passport application form(s) from the Post Office. Step 2: Complete the eight page application form(s), which is actually four pages of instructions and four pages of information about how to fill it in. There are two extra pages for children’s applications in case you need to get a passport for [...]

car boot sales

Back in the UK, driving around here and there at the weekends, it would be almost impossible to get too far without seeing a car boot sale. Hundreds of cars parked in a field, second-hand stuff spread out on a blanket or a table, 20p to get in for visitors and about £7 for sellers [...]