September 2012

Kurri Kurri

The Inland Taipan may not be the most dangerous snake in Australia, but it is said to be the most venomous snake in the world. So, thanks to its shyness and lack of aggression, it drops down to being only the fourth most dangerous of the world’s snakes. Lucky then, that its habitat is confined [...]


I don’t think there are too many subjects I’ve discussed on this blog that have caused as much debate as the cost of housing in Australia compared with the UK. I think my first ever post on the subject was The Cost of Living in Australia: House Prices just over three years ago; I can [...]


As I mentioned on Friday in my post How to Surf: A Quick Guide to Riding the Waves, Elizabeth is sure to be wanting to go into the swimming pool sometime soon. That sometime soon happened on Saturday, just one day after my prediction. A friend came round to play and at about 1:30 in [...]


The temperature is tipped to hit 30° today here in Brisbane, yesterday I took the pool blanket off in preparation for the school holidays that start next week. Elizabeth, for sure, will want to be going swimming; all I need to do now is to test the pool water to make sure everything is as [...]


A story broke out last week across most of the media about how the average Australian household now spends in excess of $100,000 a year. You can see the full article for yourself in the Herald Sun, and if you search for further information, you’ll find many other sources running with the same story. The [...]


Those of you who read my post on Friday will know that we have had a weekend away and our destination was the Sunshine Coast, Alexandra Headland to be precise. Alexandra Headland is a small town, population of around 4,000, on the coast of Queensland between Mooloolaba and Maroochydore. The easy way to get there [...]


This is another one of my “I’m not here” posts. When this post goes live online automatically, thanks to the wonders of WordPress scheduling, I’ll be two hours away. This morning I packed all of the essentials into the car. Tinnies, wine, sunglasses, shorts, mp3 player, headphones and thongs. Thongs may or may not be [...]


I’ve seen a lot of weird, wonderful and beautiful things since living here in Australia. Some I caught on camera, others were too fast or unexpected, so I missed them. It’s pretty easy to tell just by reading the following article which were which, even easier because those that were too fast or unexpected don’t [...]