August 2012


For those of you who don’t know, I live in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. One of the things I really like about living where I do, is that it’s just 30 minutes from the city, yet it’s like living in the countryside. Of course, where I live wouldn’t suit everybody, some would think it’s [...]


In September 2009 I wrote a post called Cost of Living in Australia: Salaries Compared. The conclusion was that salaries in Australia were about 31.7% higher than those in the UK. Today, three years on, I’m going to do my experiment again. This is a ‘live’ experiment, I have no idea how it will turn [...]


It’s been a glorious weekend here in Brisbane, it really feels as though ‘winter’ is over now. I can’t help putting winter inside quotation marks; getting a bit nippy at night isn’t really what I would call winter at all. That said, this has been the ‘coldest’ ‘winter’ out of the five I’ve experienced so [...]

South Bank

Since I’ve been writing this blog, whenever a new Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Survey comes out, I have always written about it here. In June 2009 I wrote And the Best City Ever to Live In is…. In February 2010 Australia: Far Too Dangerous and Way Too Livable Then in March 2011 Melbourne Moves Into [...]


Last week I re-printed one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles, it was called Girlie Shopping in Australia: Retail Therapy. Well, if you look closely at the magazine cover… … you will notice it’s main title is “Discover Brisbane”. That’s something I’ve already done, and so the people from the magazine asked me [...]


I had intended to “potter in the garden”, but in the end I spent most of my Sunday tidying up the garage. It’s amazing how quickly it can fill up with junk; how people ever managed to fit cars into them, I’ll never know. Back in England, I would’ve shoved all this sort of stuff [...]


When I was a small kid, we used to balance a piece of wood on top of a roller skate and set off down the hill near where I lived. There were inherent problems with this behaviour, the hill in question was actually a road called Chase Road on a junction with Ambleside Drive. Of [...]


Normally, when I am reprinting one of my articles from Australia and New Zealand magazine here on this blog, I like to give it a good long intro. But this article was about shopping. I don’t get overly verbose when I’m talking about shopping. It gets worse, this article was about girlie shopping! What do [...]