July 2012


Weeds. Three months or so ago, the front of my house was part jungle, part driveway. I liked the driveway bit as it was, but I was keen to get rid of the jungle part. It was a long story, one I told in my post called Gardening in Australia: A Tale of Two Gardeners. [...]


Tonight, in London at 9 PM British Summer Time, the £27 million ($40 million AUD) opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics will begin. The three hour extravaganza is likely to be watched by something like 1 billion people from around the world. Those of us who want to watch it here in Australia will have [...]


My category called Australia’s Bad Things is mostly about Australia’s wildlife and fauna. I started by writing about “bad” things, but by and large, I realised they were not really bad, it was just that some people think of them as bad. Snakes, sharks and crocodiles, for example, aren’t really bad; they are just part [...]


On Friday I was whingeing about Queensland Beer Week. Let’s face it, Australia is a big country, Queensland is a big state, Australians are big beer drinkers, yet Queensland Beer Week was very tiny indeed. On Saturday, me and Mrs BobinOz decided to go into the city to a place we’ve been to several times [...]


“Now, nobody likes a good beer more than I do…” – Monty Python, circa 1971. Okay, that’s a misquote, it should be “a good laugh”. In the famous comedy sketch, the stiff lipped sergeant major was trying to claim he enjoyed a good laugh, when he didn’t really. Me, I claim to enjoy a good [...]


It’s always a tricky one, telling your relatives that you’re moving all the way to the other side of the world. When, exactly, is it a good time to mention it? How do you tell “granny” that the cute little fella she dotes on twice a week when she looks after him for you, is [...]


Here’s something unusual, a post NOT written by me. The Australian Outback. Endless stretches of red desert eventually blurring into bright blue horizons…this popular image immediately evokes Australia’s infamous Outback. If you love wide open spaces – and the thrill of quickly spotting the odd kangaroo! – a drive through the Outback will become a [...]


Yes, time for another “Winter versus Summer” comparison post here on BobinOz. I’ve done this before, it’s a bit of a tradition. Here’s the history of the contest so far… 13th of July 2011 I wrote… Australia vs England: The Weather London was cloudy, with a 20% chance of rain and the maximum temperature for [...]