May 2012


What is backpacking? Well, I’m only taking a really wild guess here, but I assume backpacking gets its name from the notion that you carry everything you need to survive your lengthy tour, in a bag, on your back. A backpack. Backpacking in Australia is hugely popular, probably because the weather is fantastic, the beaches [...]


Hello, my name is Bob. I’m an Australian. Well, that may be stretching the point a bit, but I am an Australian citizen. Regular readers will have read about our Australian citizenship ceremony. I was, of course, born in England, so I am British. But now after a very long and sometimes bumpy ride, I [...]

Labour Day

Today, in Queensland, it is Labour Day, as in May Day 2012….. … and therefore a bank holiday Monday. So we have all got the day off; today is a day to chill. But I can’t! Something is bugging me! It’s been bugging me for six days now, ever since I wrote my post Australia’s [...]


Tomorrow is FA Cup final day and this post may look as though it’s going to be about the English FA Cup Final at Wembley. It isn’t, it’s about something much more important than that. But for some while it will probably just look like a post about the English FA Cup Final at Wembley. [...]


It’s been awhile since I did a cost comparison post, so today I decided to compare mobile phone plans between the UK and Australia. For this particular comparison, I decided to pick the most popular mobile phone, the iPhone 4S 16 GB, and only look at plans that gave you this phone for free. I [...]