May 2012


Australia’s Top 10 Beers As you know, here on BobinOz we love a good survey. But what we have here today, I think, is even better than a survey. The people from Nielsen produce statistics each year to find out Australia’s most popular beer. I haven’t been able to find the full details behind their [...]


The Blues on Broadbeach This weekend we headed down to the Gold Coast, past Surfers Paradise, past the Meter Maids, and just kept on driving those extra 3 kilometres until we hit Broadbeach. I am often harping on about Australia’s free stuff, and Blues on Broadbeach is a great example of that. This year was [...]


As I was fast forwarding through the adverts the other night, as I do, I was surprised to see a glimpse of a “Dear Fatty” (that’s not me being judgemental, that’s the name of her autobiography) who goes by the name of Dawn French. Surprised because she was advertising “Flybuys”….. Flybuys is a reward [...]


I imagine most of you reading a title like that are hoping to see something like this: Call this toll-free number – 1800 123456789-TEN When prompted, leave your full name and address. When asked for the purpose of your call answer, clearly, “Australian Citizenship”. Wait for your citizenship certificate to turn up in the post. [...]


Brookfield is a suburb just 10 minutes drive from where I live, and the Brookfield Show is an event that takes place there every year. I haven’t been every year, but I think this is my third visit. I certainly went in 2009; I wrote a post back then and gave a quite full description [...]

Australia Post Box

As you know, I usually like to end the week with a YouTube video on a Friday. But this week, I’m kind of YouTubed out. We had a YouTube video on Monday when we looked at the Mothers Day Classic at Canberra, and we had another YouTube on Wednesday frighteningly portraying Australia’s future following the [...]


This isn’t a “fun” post, but you do come here to read about what it’s really like to live in Australia, don’t you? Well, this is part of what it’s really like… Usually when I write posts here on BobinOz it’s to offer information, to inform people about life in Australia. But with today’s post [...]


Yesterday, here in Australia, it was Mother’s Day. Yes, Mother’s Day in Australia is on a different day to Mother’s Day in the UK. If that seems strange to you, you should check out my original post on the subject, called simply Mother’s Day in Australia. So, now that we know it is on a [...]