October 2011


Okay, now even I am worried about myself. I would have hoped that by now I could have made some kind of inter-web connection thingy, so that I could have brought you my first ever live post as BobinThailand. But this is not live. I preloaded this post into my WordPress schedule before I left [...]


By now I had hoped to be able to publish my first ever live post from Thailand. It was going to be my BobinThailand Special. The fact that you are seeing this post (one that I prepared earlier) instead, means that for some reason or other, it hasn’t been possible for me. This can only [...]


As you know, I’m currently BobinThailand. Me, my wife and my daughter are hopefully having a good time. Actually, it’s not just the three of us either; we are with a rather large gang. I haven’t rounded everyone up and tagged them yet, but at a guess we are about 20 or so adults with [...]

I imagine it must have been about 6 to 8 weeks ago we decided to have our first international holiday from Australia. Of all the countries in all the world, we chose Thailand. As you almost certainly know, the capital of Thailand is Bangkok, and that is where we flew in to on Thursday of [...]


When I moved to Australia, I flew here on a plane like this…. Yesterday, for the first time in almost 4 years of living here as a permanent resident, I flew out of the country on a plane like this….. So, as you are reading this, I am BobNOTinOz. So if I am BobNOTinOz, where [...]


Australia has a pretty good selection of itsy-bitsy teeny scary creatures and I’ve mentioned a few before on this blog. I have previously described the mosquito as Australia’s biggest baddest thing. And I first looked at Australia’s ants back in May 2009 and re-looked at them again this year. Well, more specifically, I looked at [...]


There are two things I know I have written about before on this blog. The first is that Australia is a nation of immigrants. The second is that Australia is full of free stuff. This weekend the two came together with a couple of multicultural festivals. First up was…. Dipawali: The Indian Festival of Lights. [...]


About 30 kilometres east of where I live is a suburb called Carbrook. It has a golf course. Now I’ve only ever played golf twice in my life and didn’t much take to it. But if I were to ever play a third time, Carbrook would be the course I would like to play. Why? [...]