September 2011


I don’t believe it! It’s not fair! It should have been me! I’ve spent hours staring at the sea! And other shouty things with an exclamation mark! As you know, I’m not the world’s greatest whale watcher. I failed to spot one when I went to North Stradbroke Island. I got a small nanosecond glimpse [...]

For many years now I have been a “timeshifter”. I don’t mean that I have a tardis or that I traverse space and time in any way, but I do record television programs to watch later. As a result of this I very rarely, if ever, watch a TV programme as it happens. The big [...]


It was almost two and a half years ago that I wrote a post called Australia’s NOT Bad Things. It featured a little creature we get quite a few of around the house and at the time I described them as “cute”. Cute is not a word I would use to describe them today. More [...]

South Bank Parklands

It’s been an absolutely glorious week here in Brisbane, a great start to the spring school holidays. If this were England, we’d be talking about a summer heatwave. It’s not. It’s Australia. And it’s still only early spring. On Monday, as you know, Elizabeth went to Redcliffe with her mummy and some of her friends [...]


On Monday I was moaning because I didn’t really have the time to get over to see the Redcliffe Festival. Well, guess who went to Redcliffe yesterday? And…. Swam in the lagoon…… Had fun on the beach….. Played in the sand…. Climbed on the humongous tree… That’s right! Elizabeth with her mummy and some friends. [...]


As the kid’s two-week spring school holidays begin today, I am left asking myself “What happened to spring?” It was only 19 days ago that I presented my five day weather backcast. It was in this post that I admitted my “Winter turns to spring at the flick of a switch” theory was left in [...]

Loo Roll

As some of you may know, I have a no swearing policy on this blog at BobinOz. But today, I want to talk to you about swearing. It was quite apparent when I first moved to Australia, that Australians have a slightly more relaxed attitude to what you might call “bad language”. Certain words seem [...]


It was only in March of this year that I was reporting the latest Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability rankings. At the time, there were very few changes, although Melbourne had slipped into second position from being third the previous two years. Image courtesy of vermininc You can see how all Australian cities fared in that survey [...]