August 2011


Today is the last day of winter here in Australia. I decided to provide you with a five-day weather backcast, because I find them far more accurate than weather forecasts. Frankly, you’d need to be psychic to predict what happened here in the last five days. Saturday As I said in Mondays post, Saturday it [...]


Or, more to the point, how not to be. On Saturday, during the day and all night, Mrs BobinOz and Elizabeth went out together leaving me home alone. Saturday was a torrid day, non-stop rain, dull and grey. Just like the old days. So I didn’t actually do anything exciting whatsoever. The phone rang at [...]


If you were to search Google for the “most famous postman in the world”, you would find more than one reference to Postman Pat. I just did it, well, it’s not a very sunny day here in Australia, and found the big nosed postman in positions 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10. That’s [...]


A couple of weeks ago I did an update on the cost of living in Australia when I went grocery shopping again. I pretty much bought all of the same things I had purchased two years ago and was shocked to find that here in Australia, prices had barely changed during that time. So what’s [...]

After the excitement of last weekend’s whale watching trip, which was closely followed by Wednesdays Ekka day out, I decided that I should take it easy this weekend. So I did. Others didn’t though, as you will see. Question: What do Australians do when they get angry? Like most countries, Australians protest and, occasionally, riot. [...]


I spent all day at the Ekka on Wednesday. I assume you know what the Ekka is? I took you there a couple of years ago and we had a chairlift ride, surely you remember? No? I didn’t go last year, but I did write about it explaining that there was so much to do [...]


This really will be the most frightening story you have ever heard. But, for it to qualify as frightening for you, you have to be either: a) Currently living here in Australia as a Permanent Resident (PR) or…. b) Hoping to move here soon as a Permanent Resident. If either of these applies to you, [...]

whale watching

Last time I went whale watching, it was from North Stradbroke Island’s Point Lookout just over a year ago. It wasn’t the most successful whale watching trip in history, we didn’t spot a single whale. If you recall, I took hours of video footage but ended up showing you just one picture, because in that [...]