May 2011


No, come on, this is a serious question! I have conducted an in depth study and I think I’ve got to the bottom of it all. I think I know who ate all the pies. The meat pie in Australia Not many people move to Australia for its succulent cuisine. Australians are famous for chucking [...]


Those of you who have read my about me page will know that when I was a kid, I first practiced my surfer dude moves on the beaches of Southend-on-Sea. In those days, probably my biggest childhood fear was getting stung by the dreaded jellyfish. Yes, stories of jellyfish lurking in the darkened seas of [...]


What cost of living crisis? I was going to tell you about pokies today, but something else has cropped up. In a change of plan, pokies will be next week, today it’s pollies, or politicians. You’ll see why in a minute. So what happened? As you all know, I have an entire category about the [...]

Sports Club

On Saturday evening we went to a party to celebrate a friends 40th birthday. But the party wasn’t round our friends house, no. It was here…. Now, what is interesting about that is it’s the first time I have been to the Sports and Rec since before the floods. Because unfortunately, like all of our [...]


With less than two weeks to go before winter here in Australia, time for a little escapism. This weekend I will be drawing the blue solar blanket across the top of my swimming pool as I put that little fun spot into hibernation for the winter. But that doesn’t stop us going to the beach [...]


As you know, the articles that I write for Australia and New Zealand magazine are posted here one month after they have appeared in print. But when I actually write for the magazine, I’m usually writing about a couple months ahead of when that magazine comes out. So to clarify that further, I’ve just written [...]


Walkies! Every year the RSPCA a holds a sponsored walk, dogs included of course, to raise money for their organisation. This year, more than most years, they really needed the money. One of their Brisbane locations was completely devastated by the floods and the money was desperately needed to get it back up and running [...]


Australians have had some fantastic ideas in the past. Among my favourites are dual flush toilets, the wine cask which gives us wine in a box (right) and the splayd, a combination of knife, fork and spoon all in one. Great for barbeques. Australia can be proud of its long list of inventions. In 2000 [...]