April 2011


It’s been a pretty good weekend here in Australia, most of Sunday was taken up with gardening. Not much fun to do, but quite gratifying when it’s all finished. And on Saturday, among other things, I filtered 38 litres of homebrew and started brewing another 38 in the fermentation bucket. Not much fun to do, [...]

Bar and band

I have mentioned before and it was shown to me again tonight, the Australian community spirit is alive and well and will remain so for a long long time. It’s something I noticed very early on following my move here, well, it’s difficult not to notice it. The Aussies love a local business, they love [...]


As you know, I like to reprint my articles from Australia and New Zealand Magazine about a month after they first appear in print. Well, I seem to be falling behind further and further as time goes on. Here we are in April, and I am about to print the article that appeared in February’s [...]


On Wednesday I posted my “real-time” video footage of what happened when a snake came into my house. On Friday I followed that up with more information about the snake along with some video analysis on the snake intruder. Well, it seems that since then, one or two of you are having second thoughts about [...]


My epic movie, the 12 minute long video I put on my blog on Wednesday, has caused a bit of a hullamooloolaba around here. If you haven’t watched it yet, and you do have those precious 12 minutes to spare, I suggest you head over and see it. It’s a “live” capture of events as [...]