February 2011

jet ski

I can’t remember the last time we went to the beach. Oh yes I can, yesterday! Of course, I meant before that. We came close to being on the beach when we went to Lota to celebrate three years living in Australia. Before that, who knows? But we went yesterday. You see, with all the [...]


Well, that’s what I would be demanding if it wasn’t that Tropfest is yet another of the many Australian outdoors event that is completely free of charge. For those of you who are really only interested to read about the life in Australia stuff rather than me having a rant, click these links to read [...]

This blog is about life in Australia. And Australia is a continent that is pretty much out on its own. It’s a long way from many countries and about as far south east as you can get. We’ve been through a rough time lately; floods, bushfires and cyclones. It’s been tough. But we also have [...]


We wanted to go out for the day on Saturday, but we didn’t want to go far. So we did and we didn’t. We went to Hamilton, a suburb very close to the city and probably the most expensive area for property in all of Brisbane. Well, it is by the river. First we took [...]

comedy club

Last week, me and three of my pals had a night out over at the comedy club in Albion. Albion is a suburb just a 10 minute taxi drive north of the city of Brisbane. Actually, the evening was billed as an “Adult Magic” night, but from where I was sitting, it was 90% adult [...]


It’s been a while since I posted one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles here on this blog. Or, to be more precise, it’s almost 2 months since I reprinted my sixth contribution to the magazine which you can read in my post called How to Completely Change Your Life! So, about time [...]


Who pays the ferryman? Nobody. But I’ll come to that in a minute. But before we get to that…… I’m still getting quite a few e-mails asking how I’m doing and if things are back to normal yet? So I thought today, with it being just over a month since the floods, I’d give you [...]

Dick Williams

It’s been five weeks since I last posted a light-hearted YouTube video on this blog. Events around Queensland and other parts of Australia kind of put a stop to that regular feature. Now though feels like the right time to bring it back. With not one, but two videos. A Top Australian TV Program. One [...]