January 2011


Last week I promised to cover three topics regarding the Brisbane floods. I have already spoken about how the floods started, I’ve done a couple of posts about the impact of the floods and today I’m looking at why Brisbane flooded. A simple guide to why Brisbane flooded. This guide is simple; it has to [...]


On Wednesday I talked about the impact of the floods on our community. I talked about how everyone of our community’s shops were flooded and the amount of work and time it’s all going to take before they are up and running again. But our area isn’t just about shops, Australia isn’t just about shops. [...]


Today is Australia day. Last year I joked whether Australia Day would go ahead because of the tragic events surrounding Doug the baby koala. That’s all we had going on back then! That story was BIG news! But this year the news doesn’t mention koala’s much and we have a real tragedy to recover from [...]


This blog is about what it’s really like to live in Australia. But what it’s really like to live in Australia isn’t like what it’s really like to live in Australia right now. What it’s like to live in Australia right now is completely different to what it’s normally like to live in Australia. This [...]

At Last. A Hot and Sunny Day in Australia. thumbnail

But before that….. What year is it? Hold on, I’ll have a look. Ah, yes, it’s about 42 years past the moon landing. Almost half a century since man first set foot on the moon. Yet, as we hurtle with frightening speed towards an event known as “the singularity” wherein computers become as powerful and [...]


As those of you who read Monday’s article will know, I am now on holiday. But I still did want to put a post online today provided I could get an Internet connection here in Adelaide. Well, I can. But hold on! I’m supposed to be on holiday, shouldn’t I take a rest? No worries, [...]


Today I am supposed to be on holiday. Actually, I should already be there. It’s a long story, but I suppose that’s what I do. So here goes…. A long, long time ago we booked up to go camping over at Rainbow Beach, which is about three hours drive north of Brisbane and between Gympie [...]

My post on Wednesday called how are you Bob pretty much summed up the events surrounding the flooding of Brisbane from a Western suburbs point of view. But yesterday morning at around 11.30 our electricity was restored, which has allowed me to fire up my PC again and make this video for you. I also [...]