December 2010


I know I’ve been whingeing about the weather a lot lately, but we have had loads of rain. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Here’s a quote from the Courier Mail from a few days ago. “Brisbane recorded its wettest December in more than 150 years with 471.8mm dumped until 5pm yesterday, beating the [...]


The vast majority of my readers come from the UK, Australia or the USA. My best guess is that half of us (that’ll be the Australian readers and those living in California) are dreaming of a dry Christmas. The rest of you are probably going to get a white one. Given the choice out of [...]


Easy……Move to Australia. If that sounds overly simplistic or as though it’s some kind of joke, for me, it isn’t. Moving to Australia really did completely change my life. And in December’s issue of Australia and New Zealand Magazine, that’s what I wrote about. If you didn’t buy your issue, you’ve almost certainly missed out [...]


For those of you currently covered in a blanket of snow, it may cheer you up to know that our weekend here was also a bit of a washout, as far as the weather is concerned. But I suspect you all had much more fun playing in the snow than I did playing in the [...]


Barely a week to go to Christmas and I’ve heard that Britain is bracing itself for a battering of snow. Here in south-east Queensland, we are also being battered, by storms! Yes, it’s storm season in Australia. Yesterday afternoon, more than 100,000 homes lost power as a ferocious storm ripped through Brisbane. 28,000 lightning strikes [...]


I have often spoken enthusiastically about Australia’s “free stuff” and at Christmas time, Australia’s free stuff comes into its own. So much so, that this year Brisbane City Council have released a booklet… Allow me to read it to you, kind of. If you were here, (maybe you are here?) you’d have been invited to [...]

The Fall

It’s been a busy, busy, hectic last few days. Those who study this blog and take notes will recall that on Thursday the 9th, I went to The Hi-Fi in Brisbane’s West End to see my favourite band, The Fall….. An absolutely stunning night! The band were on top form and although most of the [...]


Two blog posts in one today, totally unrelated. First up…. How would you like to get your fizzog the box? I’ve been contacted by a man called Peter Beard who is a documentary film producer in the UK and has been commissioned by ITV to make an eight part series about moving to Australia. His [...]