March 2010

green Hair

We’ve recently had a few articles about education in Australia, most recently I compared Australian education standards with those of the UK and the USA. Narrowing the field down slightly, today I’m going to look at the educational standards of one 6 year old little girl. My little girl. In January she started her first [...]


“So, what did you do at the weekend Bob?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Firstly, although I didn’t go, my little girl, Elizabeth, and her mum went off to the park early evening for another movie in the park presentation. They met up with other mums and kiddies and watched a movie called “Up”, a [...]

Australia’s Free Barbeque Areas thumbnail

This is what life in Australia is all about. I was in Fig Tree Pocket the other day, that’s a little suburb in Western Brisbane. I was checking out the free barbecue facilities. If you have two minutes to spare, why don’t you check out those BBQ’s with me. Why would you want to do [...]


Just when I thought it was safe to start blogging about life in Australia again, with all the weather issues behind us, this happens! Before I explain what “this” is, there is an old joke when you fly from Sydney to Brisbane airport. If you remember from my post about time zones in Australia, Sydney [...]


No prizes for guessing what today’s post is about. It’s been a while coming, but on Sunday in the early hours, Ului arrived. After all the guesswork and the talk of its unpredictability, the Bureau of Meteorology did a pretty fine job of predicting exactly where it would cross the coast. Ului tore through The [...]

Brisbane Weather

Welcome to The Weather Channel. I did promise I wouldn’t turn this blog into The Weather Channel, but I didn’t know how difficult it would be to keep that promise. So, here’s the weather. Today, in western suburbs of Brisbane, around the area known as my back garden, it’s hot, the current temperature is around [...]

dwarf crowned snake

….. and that’s a dead one! A lot of people have this opinion, but it’s not one that I subscribe to here on BobinOz. In fact, since arriving in Australia I’ve been quite fascinated by snakes to the point where I now think I like them. Perhaps that line of thinking may come back and [...]

Cyclone Ului

But is there a sting in the tail? I did say back in January that we were heading into cyclone season here in Australia. It was predicted then that we may have three or four serious tropical cyclones here in Queensland with a significant danger that one or more may cross over to the mainland, [...]