December 2009

skiing santa

Well it has surely been Christmas week here on BobInOz. We’ve had Christmas lights, we’ve had Christmas songs and now we have Christmas Eve. Have I gone overboard on Christmas? Well, the thing is this. The temperature has been running at around 30°C here and the skies, for the most part, have been clear and [...]


Well, yesterdays sing-along-a-Russ went down a real storm! I have been inundated with thousands of emails from all around the world, thanking me for bringing families together and for encouraging them to singing merrily on high. So I have dug deep into the archives to find more classic Australian Christmas songs and today I have a [...]


….”It IS who you think, but instead driven by……..” The more observant of you would have noticed something strange about Santa’s reindeer in yesterday’s post about Christmas house lights. For those of you who aren’t so observant, let me help you out. As you can no doubt see, the reindeer appear to be in the [...]


In my post last week about England versus Australia on Christmas traditions, I mentioned that some people around these parts can go a little crazy with their Christmas decorations. I promised to tell you more about that later in the week, but today, later than later in the week but certainly at the beginning of [...]

Since moving to Australia I have stopped reading daily newspapers. I was beginning to bore with the papers in the UK just before I emigrated, so I really couldn’t see the point of immersing myself daily in Australian news when I got here. But I do like to check the online news here in Australia, [...]


….and some other cities too. In my category “Cost of Living – Australia” I have looked at the costs of a wide range of essential items ranging from electrical goods to groceries, from houses to ambulance fees and from toys to booze. At the start of the exercise I suggested that there wouldn’t be too [...]

Cane toad

I was emptying the rubbish the other night and as I turned to go back into the house, and I noticed an intruder sitting on the window sill. It was dark, but from its shadow it looked like just another cane toad. So my immediate thought was “how did it get up there?” Cane toads [...]


As you know, our weekend began with horse racing on Saturday, but how did it end? Allow me to tell you. On Saturday evening, we put up our Christmas decorations. Our idea of Christmas decorations is probably a little more conservative than most people’s idea. We have, for many years, simply put up a Christmas [...]