October 2009

fire engine

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, Queensland had been the subject of several fire warnings recently. But the rains of Monday which have continued sporadically throughout the week have put an end to that for now. But fires in Australia are a major problem and just as you can measure the pollen [...]


Your quick guide to Australian wines. Personally, I don’t drink wine. I haven’t mastered the art of sipping, my mouth only seems capable of the gulp. So quite rightly, I stick to beer. On the other hand, Mrs BobinOz does enjoy a glass of wine as previously mentioned. So this article relies heavily on the [...]

Here, in Brisbane, at around 6 p.m. on Monday evening of this week it started to rain. I can honestly say that for the first time in my entire life rainfall felt really good. It gave me a deep sense of joy. Rainfall has given me joy before, but in a most opposite way. Back [...]


Pullenvale is a small town about 10 minutes from where I lived. When I say small, I mean small; it has a population of a little over 3,000. It also has a school. This school was established 135 years ago. As you know, most schools have an annual event, normally called the school fete. But [...]


Sydney Harbour Hosts Breakfast on the Bridge I am not an early riser and I don’t usually eat breakfast. But lots of people do both and yesterday 6000 of them did, on Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. I keep saying there is always something to do here at the weekends and it’s always something different. Yesterday, for [...]


Australia is getting hotter – it’s almost summer. Summer is almost here in Australia and the temperatures are regularly hitting 30°C and above. It’s the sort of weather that makes you want to get out and enjoy the open spaces. As I have mentioned previously on this blog, there always seems something to do and [...]

One of the beauties for me of writing this blog, is it forces me to research information I probably wouldn’t normally look into. As a result of this, I learn more about this new country in which I live and I think this gives me a better understanding of Australia. Today I have been “forced” [...]


Over the last couple of weeks my back garden has just got noisier and noisier. At times I think I must be living in the middle of the jungle. It’s only when I remind myself that Coles supermarket is just five minutes down the road that I realise I’d don’t. Last night, as the noise [...]