August 2009


The Day the Cinema Came to Town. I’ve mentioned it a few times before on this blog but here is another good opportunity to mention it again. Australia, it really is the great outdoors. “Biff In the Burbs” came to our sleepy little western suburb on Saturday. So, what is it? Biff is the Brisbane [...]

Regular readers will probably know that on a Mondays I normally write about what I have been up to over the weekend. You may have noticed that on Monday of this week, that didn’t happen. Instead I talked about the Australian climate. Why is this? Because last weekend I spent almost all of it with [...]

Glasshouse Mountains

I need to get out more. It’s been a while since I talked about Queensland’s top 150 icons, but the last time I did it was about the top locations. I was surprised to see that I had been to eight out of 15 that made the final list. But now, as we look at [...]


Comedian Billy Connolly describes the stonefish as looking kind of cute, a bit like the drummer out of The Muppets. He says that whilst telling a four minute long joke called “the worst pain known to man”. And apparently, being stung by a stonefish is just that. So, best avoided. Anyone who read my post [...]

Price Comparisons

Time to take another look at the cost of living in Australia. My apologies to those of you who live anywhere in the world other than England, as this price comparison will be almost meaningless. But you can, of course, always use the Australian prices quoted here to compare with your price locally. If you [...]

Australian climate

Whilst I have no intention of turning this blog into The Weather Channel, there is only one subject to talk about today. Why? Because we are still in winter and this is what happened in Brisbane today….. And to save anyone straining their eyes……. I think even the Australians have been astonished by the speed [...]


If you read my post from about a month ago, when I was attempting to video record the torrential rain we were having here in Brisbane, Queensland, you will know that I had a very bad day. Because that was the day I smashed my £600 camera. I said at the time, that if I [...]

The Dish

Update: Sami’s blog is no longer online, so you can’t visit her website to read my guest post. No worries though, you can still click on this link to read about Our Australian Roadtrip: The Highlights. So no need to read this then…. You may recall a couple of weeks ago we had our first [...]