June 2009

Petrol Prices Australia

Today sees the launch of a new category on BobinOz. It’s called the Cost of Living in Australia. It strikes me that anybody interested in coming to live in Australia permanently, would be very interested in knowing how much it costs to live here. Call it a hunch. If you are looking for a short [...]

First School Report

On Friday it was the last day of the second school term of the year. So today is the first day of my daughters two week holiday. As much as she loves school I think she’s looking forward to this break. My wife is going to love it too, she has missed having fun days [...]

Steve Irwin feeds a croc

As you know from my post It’s All Happening in Queensland, this state is celebrating 150 years of independence. Part of those celebrations involved the public voting on Queensland’s top 150 icons. To do that, 10 categories were chosen and the people voted for their favourite in each category. The top 15 in each category  [...]

Our House

The story of how we moved to Australia has almost come to an end. If you don’t live in Australia but you want to, then your story has not yet begun. If you want it to begin, it has to start with an idea. Everything in this universe started with an idea, including the universe. [...]


Last week when I told you the bad news about spiders I said that next week, which is this week, I would be telling you the good news about spiders. And I will. Next week. Why the delay? The reason for this switch is because on Monday evening I saw the biggest ant I’ve ever [...]

Australian $50 Note

There Are No Coppers in Australia Yes, it’s true. I had already lived here for some time before I noticed, but when I did realise I just couldn’t stop grinning. Well, for while anyway. If you pay cash for an item that costs, say, $3.37 (I was buying two litres of milk), you will only [...]


A Story Full of Hot Air I like a laugh just as much as the next man. But not when it is at my expense, literally. Like many Australian homes our house has air conditioning. Being as we are new(ish) to Australia, we are rarely put it on. We prefer to open all the windows, [...]

Dirty Harry

Concluding My Trilogy of Rubbish During my refurbishments stage I created several piles of rubbish. Ranging from pink curtains to metal curtain rails. Shower enclosures and broken mirrors. Fluorescent light fittings and discarding doors. Smashed up tiles and ripped out bathroom equipment. I was building up quite a pile. You already know how difficult it [...]