May 2009


What are the odds on that? Last week, you may recall, I smashed my video camera and I smashed my elbow during the heavy rainfall . Well, the elbow was bad and so was the camera. The camera repair shop telephoned me today to confirm that it has indeed taken its last movie. So this [...]


If you are new to this series and would like to start at the beginning, please go to Moving to Australia Part 1 From last weeks post about the medical you will know that ours got sent off to the Australian authorities some time around the 1st of June 2007. Given the events surrounding my [...]

cane toads

Since…….. Yes, the week before last I was talking to you about fire ants and the danger they pose to Australia. Indeed, one source described them as the greatest ecological threat this country has seen since…………….. This ugly little critter. Of course, it is the cane toad. Before I tell you about the cane toad [...]

That’s Wiped the Smug “Hot and Sunny With Clear Blue Skies” Off My Face As I understood it, when I originally moved here, Australia was a hot and sunny country with predominantly clear blue skies. And it’s true, I have witnessed it many times. But when it rains, my word. Does it rain! When we [...]


This……… ……is an Australian light switch. Perhaps I’m easily impressed, but when I first moved into our new house, I had a bucketload of decorating to do. Included on my list of tasks was…..prepare and paint every wall and every ceiling in the entire house. As anyone will tell you, the best way to paint [...]


I expect last weeks post about football on digital TV did an efficient job of selling the Foxtel package to any red bloodied football loving fanatic. But how are you going to sell a $100 plus package to your better half? You can, of course, just go for the Sports Pack and the basic channels [...]


Open Wide… Say Ahh….and Cough. Thank You. Last week in Moving to Australia Part Nine (you can access ALL previous parts through that link) I mentioned that the medical, for me, was the scariest part of this whole process. Now, I know MY medical is relevant only to ME. But reading my story may give [...]

In last weeks Australian bad things, I promised that this week I would show you a little bad thing much badder than the ants I had been talking about. But then I had a bad thing of my own happen. For the last 24 hours or so we’ve had torrential rain here in southeast Queensland. [...]