April 2009


Australia almost became the first team to qualify for the World Cup Finals. Had Bahrain drawn with Qatar instead of winning 1-0, the Aussies would have been celebrating their second World Cup final in a row. As it stands, they just need one more point from their last three games in the group. They secured [...]


My “Australia’s Bad Things” category continues with “NOT” Bad Things. I know many of you are waiting for the real scary creepy crawlies and they are on the way. Soon. But first…. Brisbane is lizard city, they are everywhere. 59 species from all five Australian families have made Greater Brisbane their home. What are these [...]


A Recap on the Moving to Australia Series. In Part One you have the idea. In Part Two you decide on the basis of your application having looked at the various Visa options. In Part Three we looked at the paperwork and using a MARA approved Migration Agent. Today we are going to agree the [...]

I have a category called “Australia’s Bad Things” and another called “Australian Climate”. Today, again, they meet. I have talked about the weather a lot and have often delighted in using the term “hot and sunny with clear blue skies”. And by and large it is. But then again…. Storms hits the Brisbane area – [...]