Australia’s Places


Friday is the day where I try and find out about something that is going on somewhere in Australia that I wouldn’t normally get to know about. Sometimes I don’t find anything, but that doesn’t mean nothing is going on. That happened last week, for example, so instead I found a couple of cool videos about [...]


It was quite some time ago when I went to Adelaide for a one-week break, just over five years in fact. I only wrote one post about it, called At Last; A Hot and Sunny Day in Australia. Yes, it was a bit of a strange title, but I did go there just after the [...]


Before we go on a tour of Brisbane’s beaches, I want to show you some beaches close to Brisbane, but not in Brisbane. Firstly, just over an hour’s drive north, we have the Sunshine Coast. Here are some beaches on the Sunshine Coast… Next, just over an hour’s drive south, we have the Gold Coast. [...]


It’s the end of the week and as regular readers will know, I like to take a look around to see what’s been happening in Australia elsewhere. Then I like to include a YouTube video about it. Easy. So what’s been happening over the last few weeks in Australia? Well, The Wiggles were live in [...]


Mrs Bob and I are thinking about booking our winter holidays for this year and wondering where to go. School winter holiday time here is around the last week in June and the first week in July, just two weeks in total. The thing with Australia is, we can stay within this country and we [...]


We are in the middle of a two-week school holiday break here in Australia at the moment. As usual, Mrs Bob and her friend Stacey are looking for things to do to keep the kids amused. On Wednesday of last week they paid $6 for the adults and $3 each for the children to board [...]


When I spent 10 Days in Perth last year, the furthest north I got was a town called Yanchep. Here is a photograph of Yanchep Beach looking in a northerly direction… As much as I would have loved to have travelled much further north than Yanchep, which is only about an hour from Perth, I [...]


We’ve done quite a lot of driving out of town recently. We first went Driving Out Of Town in Australia in January when we drove out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In February we drove out of Darwin and Adelaide along several Australian Roads with Very Few Cars on Them. Sandwiched in between those two [...]