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Scenic Rim

I’ve got some wonderful videos for you today, especially if you like the great outdoors, the countryside, hills, biking and hiking. If you think the Australian countryside is nothing more than dusty dirt tracks, searing heat and barren landscapes in the outback, this post is also for you. If you remember, last weekend we went [...]


Part of the fun of moving to a different country is in exploring your new surroundings. Venture away from any one of our major cities and you will soon find yourself in a countryside littered with small towns. Easily the smallest town I’ve ever stayed in was Kunghur; if ever a place could be described [...]

Lake Awoonga

When a wine bar comes third in tripadvisor’s ‘Things to Do in Gladstone‘ list, you’ve got to start wondering if there is very much to do there at all. As you know, I was just passing through Gladstone during My Queensland Coast Road Trip. I only stayed a couple of hours, so I wasn’t really [...]


My journey from Bundaberg to Gladstone, at 216 km, was relatively short, but that allowed me enough time to stop off at a few places along the way. So last week’s post, Bundaberg, Queensland: First Stop on My Australian Road Trip, also included my visits to Agnes Water and 1770. So by the time I [...]

Mon Repos

On Monday I talked about the first stop on my road trip, which was Bundaberg. In that post I also mentioned that I visited Mon Repos, a beach where loggerhead turtles come to nest. I was unlucky, the nesting season doesn’t start until November, so the beaches were totally turtleless… Today I can show you [...]

Bundaberg, Queensland: First Stop on My Australian Road Trip thumbnail

As you probably know, towards the end of last week I returned home from my 19 day road trip. My journey took me from Brisbane to, eventually, Port Douglas. I have been blogging about it on the way, but as promised, now that I’m back I can let you know more about it. First stop [...]

Cairns and Port Douglas: Even Better Than Expected thumbnail

At around 6:45 PM yesterday I arrived back home, marking the end of my Queensland coast road trip. All in all, I covered 5,021 km, just about pipping my 2009 road trip of 4,774 kilometres. Whilst that trip took me south down to Sydney and then round to Melbourne, this road trip was all about [...]

My Queensland Coast Road Trip: The Journey Home thumbnail

My road trip is pretty much over, apart from the small matter of driving back home. It may have taken me nine days to get to Cairns, but I will be going back in three. This is quite a comfortable journey, with around three 7 hour-ish stints on the road and two overnight stops. Most [...]