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As regular readers will know, on Fridays I like to showcase a video from somewhere in Australia. I have to say, these are my favourite posts of the week, because I often get to see something or somewhere that I otherwise would not have seen. For example, my last video post was called Fernvale and [...]


A lamington is a very popular Australian desert. It’s a sponge cake with chocolate sauce and sprinklings of coconut. It looks very much like this… Apparently it originated in Brisbane and there are several theories about where the name ‘Lamington’ came from. None of those theories, as far as I could see, are anything to [...]


It’s Friday evening here in Australia, the start of another weekend. Here in Queensland, as well as in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia, it’s even better, it’s a long weekend. Monday, October 5 is Labour Day for us. Next year though, Labour Day in Queensland will be in May. Here’s how [...]


Time for another Australia and New Zealand magazine reprint. You may have noticed I’ve done a few of these lately, but every now and then I realise I’m getting a little behind with them. I like to publish them on this website a month after they’ve appeared in the magazine, and as this one appeared [...]


It’s a question I get asked quite often on this website, usually more specifically linked to a particular city. So, for example, “What are the bad areas to avoid in Brisbane?” Or “What are the bad areas to avoid in Sydney?” Just so that you know, the above image is NOT of a bad area of [...]


If you were to go to Latitude: -34.750690460 and Longitude: 139.380264282, you would find yourself in the state of South Australia. You would be around 80 kilometres east of Adelaide, slightly to the north. You would be standing above a cave. The name of that cave? ‘Well It Wasn’t There Last Year Cave‘. Yes, really, [...]


I’ve been chatting to Alistair McGuinness recently. Me and Alastair have a fair bit in common. We were both born and bred in the UK, I grew up in a town 30 miles east of London and Alistair spent his years living 30 miles north of the English capital. Both of us lived in the [...]


I last looked at this report a year ago in my post State of the States: a CommSec Report. As I mentioned then, the economies of each of our eight states and territories are run separately and this report delves into their performances in some depth. These reports are released every quarter by Commsec and [...]