Moving To Australia

Live Seminar

Last week I spoke about the two most common questions I am asked here on BobinOz about moving to Australia. I hope you found that article helpful but if you have more questions, if you are really serious about moving to Australia, you may want to consider going to a seminar. Want a new life [...]

Visa Wizard

Where to begin and where to live. There are two questions I am repeatedly asked here at BobinOz. The first is “how do I start the process of getting to Australia?” The second is “where is a good place to live in Australia?” Well, I’ve got good news on both counts. Your first step in [...]

Regular readers will probably know that on a Mondays I normally write about what I have been up to over the weekend. You may have noticed that on Monday of this week, that didn’t happen. Instead I talked about the Australian climate. Why is this? Because last weekend I spent almost all of it with [...]

Making New Friends

I talked about making new friends last week but what I really was trying to say is this. When you say goodbye to your long-term friends and you know you are saying goodbye forever, your need to make new friends increases. Wherever you are living now, you probably have a steady, reliable, backdrop of friends [...]


Moving to Australia: Will You Miss Your Friends? In last week’s post I spoke about the likelihood of your family and friends coming to visit you here in Australia. I mentioned that there were four criteria which were strong indicators that you could use on your family and friends to help you work out who [...]

My Family

Moving to Australia: Missing Friends and Family Ahh, Sir Cliff, now there is a British icon! Does he still sing at Wimbledon when it rains? Of course, his song from back in 1971 was actually called “Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha” and was about saying goodbye to boys and hello to girls. Today’s post is about [...]


Last week I concluded my story about how we moved to Australia. If you read the whole series you will know from part six, taking the dog, that we brought our dog, Baggy, out to Australia with us. This is Baggy…… Baggy went to Australia almost a month before we did. But what that [...]

Our House

The story of how we moved to Australia has almost come to an end. If you don’t live in Australia but you want to, then your story has not yet begun. If you want it to begin, it has to start with an idea. Everything in this universe started with an idea, including the universe. [...]