Moving To Australia

My Family

And will you make new friends when you get there? I have spoken about this before on a few occasions and it is still one of the big worries for most people considering emigrating to Australia. Will I ever see my family and friends again? Will I make new friends when I get there? You [...]

Maroochy River

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we have had a very busy weekend. Action packed! So what did we do? Well, Good Friday was our quietest day but we still managed to have our favourite Australian family round for a barbecue. All the (four) children play great together, us four adults get on pretty good [...]


What crosses your mind when you think about the Hague Convention? Is it… a) the sequel to the Geneva Convention? b) a collection of men in grey suits meeting to talk about legal stuff in a place called The Hague? c) an international law you should seriously consider before moving to Australia with your children? [...]


As I mentioned in my most recent post, which was about our Australia Day celebrations, the Wednesday following Australia Day saw all of our school kids returning after the long summer holidays. First -the back to school news. How was Elizabeth’s first day at REAL school? As you probably know, she’s been at real school [...]


That was the news headline that hit me first this morning when I fired up my Internet browser. Apparently the new figures which were released yesterday reveal that 427,000 people emigrated from the UK in 2008. That’s the highest number ever recorded. The figures are extraordinarily high because half of those who left were non-British [...]


Two years ago to the day, almost to the hour as I write this, (its 6:30 p.m. here in Australia, so it’s around half eight in the morning back in the England), I was waking up in the UK for the very last time. So today I am celebrating two years since we left England. [...]

Pound to Aussie Dollar

This is not a happy post. Three years ago, one United States dollar would have bought you $1.38 AUD, today that stands at $1.11 AUD. That makes Australia 24% more expensive to Americans today. Three years ago, one a European euro would have brought to $1.69 AUD, today it is still around the same. That [...]


At some point I stopped counting, but I would imagine if I hadn’t then this post would be called Moving to Australia: Part 23. If you haven’t read any of the other entries in this series and you’re serious about moving to Australia, you can start at the beginning which is called An Idea. If [...]