Moving To Australia


Two blog posts in one today, totally unrelated. First up…. How would you like to get your fizzog the box? I’ve been contacted by a man called Peter Beard who is a documentary film producer in the UK and has been commissioned by ITV to make an eight part series about moving to Australia. His [...]

Manly Marina

BobinOz Day. On Friday I posted a video to celebrate the three-year anniversary of our leaving England to move to Australia. You can watch that video on my post Moving to Australia and Missing England. On Saturday our lives returned to normal again, but on Sunday we were celebrating once more. You see, whilst we [...]


But first…… Breaking News! This just in…. Details are still a little bit hazy, but apparently, yesterday, this country discovered who won the election and consequently, who is running the country. The guy who won the most seats, got the most primary votes and was ahead on a two-party preferred basis, well, he lost. But [...]

Dream house

Without a doubt, one of the great things about moving to Australia is the opportunity of buying your dream home. Yes, we’ve had many a debate here about which houses are cheaper between the UK and Australia, but there is no doubt which houses are bigger. In fact, as you will have read in my [...]

Australia magazine

Australia & New Zealand Magazine Pt 2. You will, no doubt, recall me announcing with some pride my appearance in the UK magazine Australia & New Zealand as a columnist in their series called Expat Diary. If you haven’t yet read my first ever article to appear on the shelves in a national UK Magazine [...]

Welcome home

Last week I told you about my night out at the pub when a group of us went into the city to have a farewell do for some good friends of ours. You can read about the “leaving do” here. But in a nutshell, our friends came here to live in Australia for two years [...]

Australia and New Zealand magazine

Would you believe it? Little old BobinOz has gone into print. Yes, I’m on shelves. I think it is only in the UK, but I’m on sale in newsagents and I’m even available in Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s. And it’s a right riveting read.. No, I haven’t written a book but I have started to write [...]

indoor football

When I lived in England, which is almost 3 years ago now, I used to regularly play five aside football. I played quite a bit of it actually, two games a week, one on Thursday nights and one on Sunday nights with the games lasting one hour each. And I did that for 28 years. [...]