Moving To Australia


It must be my lucky month. Last Wednesday my post was written for me by regular reader Warwick, it was called The Beautiful and Friendly Wildlife of Inner Sydney. This week I get to put my feet up again as another regular reader, djmcbell, has provided us all with an excellent article about taking the [...]

brain drain

At the end of this post I’m going to give you a link to an article that appeared in the Telegraph in the UK about a month ago. The article has so many facts, figures, percentages, numbers, comparisons and quotes that it quite frankly gave me a headache. Never mind brain drain, my brain was [...]


A lot of questions in my title today, so what is it all about? Time for me to stop asking questions and start answering some. Back in 2011 Australia held a census, as they do every five years. I took part in that census for the first time as I mentioned in my post Australian [...]

cats n dogs

Yes, cats and dogs from all over the world are dancing and rejoicing as the news breaks about the new Australian quarantine rules. So, what exactly is this news? Pets moving to Australia I got an email the other day from Anita who has been a subscriber to my emails and been reading my posts [...]


Let’s start this post with some definitions otherwise things might get a little confusing. Immigration: means move ‘IN’ to a country. Emigration: means move out or ‘EXIT’ a country. Migration: is the act of ‘MOVING’ from one place to another. All are for periods longer than a holiday; otherwise it’s just called a holiday. I [...]


In last week’s post about Americans in Australia I announced that it would be the last of my “… in Australia” series. At the time I thought it was. Then I got an email this week from a New Zealander asking about how his pension might work if he were to move here to Australia [...]

Uncle Sam

Over the last five weeks not only have we looked at the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, but we have also covered Australians in Australia which is only fair, they were here first. So, it’s the end of the series, surely? Not so; like a dog with a bone, I never know [...]


Well I never! I had no idea. I’ll get to that in a minute though. My mini-series about how the United Kingdom countries are represented here in Australia is about to draw to a close. What have we had so far? Well, it all started with… The Irish in Australia: For Queensland and Country Next [...]