Life in Australia


It was a strange weekend really. The girls had a go at wood sawing… The adults finished it off though… So now we are the proud owners of this… Elizabeth made a new friend… And she won some ribbons for displaying a guinea pig… Mind you, she had to borrow the guinea pig off her [...]


The title of this post says what it is really, so let’s take a look at some of these signs. Here are a couple of signs we saw on train on the way back from Fremantle to Perth. The first one is interesting… What a good idea, telling students to stand up and give a [...]


Tomorrow is Anzac Day. Yesterday, in Anzac Square, Brisbane, up to 4000 students from primary schools and secondary schools around south-east Queensland attended the Anzac Commemoration Ceremony for Students. Elizabeth was lucky enough to be one of the 25 children chosen to represent her school and Mrs Bob volunteered to go along as one of [...]


Every year, as a bit of a tradition here on Bobinoz, I make a video summing up one of our whole full-years living in Australia. A whole full year is, of course, one that runs from January 1 through till December 31. We arrived in November 2007, so last year, 2014, was our seventh full [...]

Bottle shops

A couple of weeks ago I admitted to my love of beer in my post A Celebration of Beer in Brisbane: Brewsvegas. It struck me at the time that I’ve never really fully explained about buying alcohol in Australia. So today allow me to introduce you to ‘The Bottle Shop’. The Bottle Shop It also [...]


I know not everybody celebrates Easter, but if you live in a country that does celebrate it, well, at least you get a long weekend out of it. So I hope you don’t mind me wishing you all a happy Easter irrespective of your religion. Obviously we do celebrate Easter here in Australia and so [...]


I like beer. I like drinking beer, talking about beer, making beer and hanging around in places that sell beer. I’m clearly not the only one though, because places that sell beer around Brisbane are springing up like mushrooms. Brisbane’s nightlife has changed quite substantially in the relatively short time that I’ve been here, I [...]


I don’t remember ever seeing this sort of thing going on at Southend Beach when I was a kid, but they certainly have it here in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Tropical Cyclone Marcia tried to put a damper on the event a couple of weeks ago, but the sculptors were having none of [...]