Life in Australia


I’m often asked this question, and it’s usually attached to a city. For example, is Melbourne a safe city to live in? Or, is Sydney a safe place to live? My answer is always pretty much the same, Australia generally speaking as a country is regarded as safe. Obviously, like any country, we do have [...]


It was billed as (get it, quack quack) Australia’s biggest duck race and I’m sure it was. We went along on Sunday to, as they say, support the duck. One of the signs said “Changed Traffic Conditions Ahead“; you bet there were, what with the long marquee packed with people eating and drinking taking up [...]


Any of you who read last Wednesdays post 20 Things to Do on the Sunshine Coast will know that most of those things involved, to quote a famous old song, messing about on a river. What we enjoyed most was kayaking, we may even take it up as a sport. We could go kayaking on [...]


It’s been a strange couple of days. A sinkhole Just up on the coast, about three and a half hours drive to the north, are some popular campsites close to Rainbow Beach. You may remember that Mrs Bob has been there with a friend of hers and the kids, they fed the dolphins. It’s a [...]


Australian ‘culture’ has had a colourful portrayal in the media over the years. In the 70s we had Monty Python suggesting all blokes were called Bruce, loved beer and hated ‘poofters’. Australian comedian Barry Humphries further enhanced the world’s perception of Australian culture with his fictional character Barry McKenzie. In the 1972 film ‘The Adventures [...]


Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious, but when I realised the other day that I’ve written over 1000 posts and not mentioned the ute once, I was shocked. Actually, that’s not true, I checked using the Google search on the right hand side of every page of my website and after punching in ‘ute’ [...]


32B Smith Street. When you think of an address like that, what do you imagine in your head? Specifically, I wonder what kind of picture you have formed if you live in the UK, and if it’s any different to what is being imagined by those in say, the US, or here in Australia? I’ll [...]


If you were to for Google ‘where to get the best coffee in Australia‘, you will find that this really is a much talked about subject here. Top of the pile when I looked is a website dedicated entirely to this question and listing various Australian coffee selling establishments and inviting the general public to [...]