Life in Australia


In January 2009 Elizabeth started junior school here in Australia. Here’s what that looked like… In January of this year Elizabeth started high school as a Grade 7 student age 11. This is what she now looks like as she walks home from school… How time flies. She hasn’t actually walked all the way home [...]


I know it was only a couple of weeks ago I reprinted my Australia and New Zealand magazine article about supermarkets in Australia, but I am running a little behind. I like to put these reprints online about a month after they’ve appeared in the magazine, so I’m running behind because this one appeared in [...]


Let’s start this week with a little lightheartedness, with a pinch of humiliation. Don’t worry, the humiliation will be mine. I got an email from somebody called Emma last week, she wanted to know how much I really knew about the Land Down Under. She could see that I ran a website with loads and [...]


For many countries I would imagine the biggest dangers driving on the roads would be fog, rain, or maybe even snow. Not here, not in Australia. I was reminded of this as we drove along the Pacific Highway towards Coffs Harbour a couple of weeks ago. My satnav gave me a warning that, unless you [...]


As we hurtle with some speed towards Christmas 2015, it’s time to wind down this blog for the year. I have written many posts about Christmas, and in 2012 I wrote post called All About Christmas in Australia which was a bit of a roundup of those posts with links. A year later I repackaged [...]


In less than two weeks it will be Christmas. Really? This will be my 10th Christmas in Australia, and like the nine Christmases before it, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. How can it? Temperatures at around 30°C here in Brisbane, blue skies, people walking around in shorts and T-shirts. Whether it feels like it or [...]


As some of you will know, I’ve not been very mobile during the last couple of months or so. I really haven’t got out and about hardly at all of late. That’s a bit of a shame because I’ve missed the magnificent purple blooming of Australia’s jacaranda trees. If you live in the UK or [...]


This is another one of my ‘I’m not here’ posts. I often do an I’m not here post when I go on holiday. This is an example of an I’m not here post here, on that particular occasion I’d gone to Melbourne. This time is different though, this time I’ve gone to hospital. Frequently asked [...]