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I’ve written quite a few posts about pubs in Australia, as well as posts about the cost of beers, wines, and I’ve also talked about beer measures. In a post called Sunday Lunch in an Australian Pub from February 2009, I ran through the numbers and the bottom line was that there are way more [...]


And so another school holiday break is over. The kids have had two weeks off for Easter and its back to school on Monday. We didn’t actually go away anywhere for a proper holiday, but that doesn’t mean Elizabeth hasn’t had lots of fun. Here are just a few of the things she has done [...]


Remember Dayboro? It’s a cute little town about an hour or so drive north west of the city of Brisbane. It’s got a cute pub… And a cute post office and church… Being on a bit of a hill out in the countryside, it also has stunning views… But then you know that from having [...]


This post isn’t really suited to my UK readership, it’s just not the kind of thing you’d be interesting right now. There are lots of really interesting posts and pages on this website for you to read, I just don’t think this is one of them. Do call back on Friday though, I’ll have something [...]


My daughter, Elizabeth, who is now 9 and in year 4 said to me the other day “Daddy, did you know there are only two days a week when I don’t do any sport at all?” No, I didn’t. So I asked Elizabeth to explain, and here’s how her week pans out: Monday – She [...]


New York City, June 28, 1969; police raid the Stonewall Inn. In response, the gay community took part in a number of violent demonstrations which were to be known as the Stonewall Riots. With that, the gay liberation movement and the fight for gay and lesbian rights had begun. Sydney, June 24, 1978; 500 people [...]


It’s Elizabeth’s birthday this week, and for some time we have known exactly what we were going to do for her birthday treat. A day out at Wet ‘n’ Wild, a water based theme park down on the Gold Coast, for her and 10 of her friends. That’s where we should have gone on Saturday, [...]


It’s time for another reprinting of an article I did for Australia and New Zealand magazine. And what great timing this one is! At the moment, here in Australia, we are in the midst of a sporting scandal. It has been described as Australian sports darkest moment. In brief, the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and [...]