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Also Known As: How to Kill an Ant Part Two Today I have an absolute corker of a YouTube for my Friday video slot. This is an amazing clip, I first saw it just before Christmas, December 21 to be precise, it had only been online about a month. Today, when I returned to post [...]


One of the main attractions of moving to Australia has got to be the outdoor lifestyle. Australia has miles and miles and miles of golden beaches, hectares and hectares of bush, hundreds of national parks, scenic rolling hills, serene countryside and stunning hinterlands. All of which is, of course, made even more enjoyable by the [...]


Over the last four Fridays I have been looking at the countries that make up the place known as the United Kingdom to see how they are represented here in Australia by immigrants. So far we’ve had: The Irish in Australia: For Queensland and Country The Scottish in Australia: A Gecko Encounter Welsh in Australia: [...]


It’s amazing what you can do with a container, isn’t it? I saw a programme about some doomsday preppers once and some guy had created a kind of modern-day castle using containers in the hope of keeping the riffraff out come the day of reckoning. I’d only ever used a container once in the past, [...]

garage sale

What with Mrs Bobinoz hoppity hopping around with her broken leg, we didn’t get out and about much at the weekend. This probably explains why I only saw one garage sale sign. You know the sort of thing, handwritten, tied to a lamppost, “Garage Sale: Saturday starts 6 AM, 47 Koala Street.” Had we gone [...]


Actually, not really things to do, but things that were done. Yesterday my daughter Elizabeth went back to school after having two weeks and one day off for the spring school holidays. The two weeks were for the spring school holidays, the one day was for Labour Day which was on Monday. Spring school holidays [...]


On Saturday evening, Mrs Bobinoz, Elizabeth and I took ourselves off to the city to watch what I think might well be our fourth Riverfire, the annual firework spectacular that takes place over the Brisbane River. It truly is a spectacular fire display with fireworks firing off from the river, the bridges, and, as you [...]


I’ve talked a lot this week about snakes coming out and snake season in my posts about Keeping Children & Pets Safe and Avoiding Snake Encounters, but that’s because it’s been hot. Actually, it’s been unusually hot for this time of year, I believe some records have been broken for maximum temperatures in a few [...]