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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Springfield before on this blog, that’s where we found ourselves on Saturday afternoon for the World Harmony Society’s Children’s Festival 2014. If Springfield were in the UK, I reckon we would call it a ‘new town’; according to Wikipedia, here it is known as a ‘satellite city’… “Springfield is a [...]


One of the headlines in the online news today was “Summer 2014-15 weather forecast: Bushfires, heatwaves and severe heat“. The report went on to say… “AUSTRALIA is headed for its third consecutive severe summer with temperatures set to hit way above average bringing increased risk of bushfires, heatwaves and not much rain, a new report [...]

Eat street

Those of you who have read every page of my website and committed it all to memory will surely remember Containerval Festival: Art, Crafts and Containers in Brisbane. Elizabeth and I had a great time wheeling Mrs Bob around in a wheelchair; she had a broken leg at the time. We returned to the same [...]


This may seem like a strange subject for a post in September, but it will get stranger before we are finished. Today’s post will also talk about summer arriving in the UK and it being winter here in Australia. Neither is true. Yes, it’s time for another reprint of one of my articles for Australia [...]


It all started about five or six weeks ago. A very excited Elizabeth came home from school to announce… “Daddy, the school are having an outing to Tallebudgera for four days, can I go? Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please……..” Four days away from home without her mum and dad? Crikey, she’s [...]


Statistics will tell you that Brisbane doesn’t usually get much rain in August. According to historical data for 2000 to 2013, around 38 mm of rainfall is average for the month. On Saturday alone we had over 22 mm which was a shame because it was the weekend of one of Brisbane’s most popular shindigs. [...]


“Over 400,000 visitors, oodles of fun, a million-dollar light show and 145,001 strawberry sundaes over a massive 10 days.” Well, that’s what the commentator says at the end of the EKKA highlights video I’ll show you later in this post, although my understanding is that the total attendance only actually reached 380,000. Coming soon: Month of [...]


What is a Show Day holiday? Good question. Well, today, here in Brisbane, it’s been “People’s Day”. I won’t tell you what People’s Day is because, you won’t be surprised to hear, we had People’s Day last year and I explained it all in my post called People’s Day in Brisbane and Everything You Need [...]