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Australia almost became the first team to qualify for the World Cup Finals. Had Bahrain drawn with Qatar instead of winning 1-0, the Aussies would have been celebrating their second World Cup final in a row. As it stands, they just need one more point from their last three games in the group. They secured [...]


For some people the idea of emigrating to Australia represents “a move too far”. To be 11,000 miles from all those friends, acquaintances, loved ones and relatives is often just too hard to bear. You can argue to yourself that they will, of course, visit. Hey! – it can be even better. Where you used [...]


As I mentioned in a previous post about Hamish, my son, Tom, who is here on holiday, was off to Cairns for a week on a diving course. Today he got back. He has completed his six day course, four days of which were spent at sea. He did 14 dives and hit a maximum [...]


On Sunday the 22nd of February, Tropfest 2009 was shown live on Movie Extra, one of the film channels on Foxtel, the Sky equivalent in Australia. What is Tropfest? I am glad you asked. If you already know what it is, then you were ahead of me. I love films and consider myself a minor [...]


Barbecue Areas Are Everywhere. Barbecuing areas are everywhere, all are free and most have gas, also free. There are barbecue areas in the mountains, in parks and on the beaches. When we had breakfast on the beach at Redcliffe, the free barbecue area was like a home from home. The kitchen at the back, dining [...]


Australian’s aren’t “big” on pubs, which is a bit surprising. They love their beer. It’s standard practise to buy beer by the carton, 24 cans at a time. None of this woosy four pack stuff. CNBN.com, who had the most up to date information I could find, (September 23, 2008), say the Australians are the [...]