Cost of Living – Australia


Required for reading this post: maths level 2 or above. I have written about house prices before, but then the other day I saw an interesting article on Yahoo news which I wanted to copy and paste onto my blog and claim as my own. Two things prevented me from doing this. Firstly, apparently it [...]

Grocery Prices in Australia

In what may be (some of you may wish to argue and suggest other entries) my most boring post to date, I bring you a relatively meaningless grocery price comparison chart. I say boring because it wasn’t much fun writing it and I can’t imagine it makes great reading. But if you are considering coming [...]

Petrol Prices Australia

Today sees the launch of a new category on BobinOz. It’s called the Cost of Living in Australia. It strikes me that anybody interested in coming to live in Australia permanently, would be very interested in knowing how much it costs to live here. Call it a hunch. If you are looking for a short [...]