About Australia’s ‘Bad Things’…


For some reason I thought the “Jaws” franchise spawned many sequels, but I’ve just checked, there were only three. None of them were as successful as the first film, so I don’t think we can really expect a ‘Jaws 5’ to be coming out anytime soon, so this very short story will have to do [...]


Well, I’ve been spoiled for choice this week for videos to show you, I’ve had a tough time deciding. In the end though, it was ‘no contest’. Well, actually it was, as you will soon see. Wyee Point Suburb is at the southern end of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales somewhere between Newcastle and [...]


Mosquitoes are, without doubt, a right pain here in Australia. Well, not just Australia, mosquitoes irritate people in many countries so we are not alone with that. Fortunately, our mosquitoes carry far fewer diseases than they do in some regions, so at least we can be thankful of that. I’ve written quite a bit about [...]


It’s been a bit of a ‘here comes summer’ kind of week, in fact it all started last Friday when I featured a video of Perth’s heatwave. On Monday the subject was Ticks and Snakes in Australia: Welcome to Summer and then on Wednesday we had Things to Do in Australia When It’s Hot. That [...]


I spoke to somebody on Sunday evening who explained that their dog “lost its bark” recently as if it had been to a cup final to cheer its team on and there was extra time. Turns out though that this can often be one of the first signs that your pet dog has been the [...]


As you probably know, I talk about life in Australia and what it’s really like, that’s the theme of this blog. I also like to have a look at what’s going on around the rest of Australia on a Friday, just to get away from Brisbane for a bit. One news item caught my eye [...]


It’s been more than four years since I wrote about the Irukandji and described it as The New Most Venomous Creature in the World. As we drift towards ‘stinger season’ here in Australia, which is October to May, I thought it would be a good time to update my info on this scary little critter. [...]


Like anywhere else in the world, Queensland, indeed Australia, has crime. We have murders, we have robberies, we have bashings, yes, that’s what we tend to call them here and we have… I know, let’s do a list. 10 serious crimes in Australia: Homicide Assault Sexual assault Robbery Unlawful entry with intent Motor vehicle theft [...]