About Australia’s ‘Bad Things’…


Last Friday I talked about the particularly nasty venomous eight legged critters that cause a good deal of anxiety to many people. The post was called Venomous Spiders for Pain Relief. Today I’m talking about a different venomous creature, one of the very few mammals in the world that are. The platypus It was nearly [...]


Spiders, especially Australian ones, get a very bad press. This week that changed somewhat, this week the press are saying some nice things about spider venom. Because this week it has been announced that a research team from University of Queensland (UQ) Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have discovered that spider venom could lead to [...]


The world’s nastiest and most prolific killer critter is at it again. A quick search in Google for “Ross River virus outbreak” will soon reveal Queensland currently has a problem: Mosquito outbreak triples Ross River virus cases – Brisbane Times Feb 12, 2015 Ross River virus outbreak in south-east Queensland – ABC Feb 23, 2015 [...]

Mt Crosby

On Friday evening we decided to drive the 10 minutes or so rollercoaster hillside journey through Mount Crosby to have dinner at the Karana Downs Country Club. And when I say ‘rollercoaster hillside” I mean it; here are some pictures I took some time ago along the journey… It’s a lovely drive though with some [...]


A couple of years ago I wrote a post called Call That a Lizard? This Is a Lizard! It was about the goanna which is, indeed, a very large lizard. Australia has around 25 of the world’s species of these kind of lizards which are also known as monitors. The biggest of these monitors, the [...]

Yes, today I’ve got a video that nobody wants to see, not even me. In fact I have even more reason not to want to see it, because I live in Brisbane. It was in a Brisbane suburban back garden that Gigantor was found. What is Gigantor? Here are some clues. Normally these things are [...]


On Monday I presented you with some photographs of our long weekend in northern New South Wales. As you will have seen from those pictures, we spent a lot of our time on the local beaches of which there were many. Mrs Bob and I are not really beachy people, but our 10-year-old daughter Elizabeth [...]


If you remember, last Friday I mentioned that “I had an amazingly cute video to show you about an Aussie native cuddly furry animal…” but I switched videos at the last minute. Well, Brisbane had had its worst storm since the 80s, so I showed you the mess made by that instead. I promised my [...]