About Australia’s ‘Bad Things’…

cone snail

I have mentioned cone snails before on this website and I have a video about them on my page called Dangerous Creatures of Australia: More Bad Things! On the same page you will also see a list of some of our other dangerous sea life. I think it’s fair to say that danger lurks in [...]


It’s been a long time since Interesting Fact About Australia #4, almost 6 years to be precise. It would be easy to assume I’d completely forgotten all about this series. But as I explained to SenpaiinOz, who commented on that very post and wanted to know where the fifth instalment was, these things do take [...]


There was an article recently in our local free newspaper with the title ‘Plea to steer clear of roadside pademelons‘. For some people this headline probably raises a couple of questions; like ‘What is a pademelon?‘ or even ‘How do you pronounce pademelon?‘ Let’s cover the second question first… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bR2BDlW-F8 There, that was easy, but [...]

417 Visa Working Holiday Holders (WHV) and Slavery in Australia thumbnail

It’s a strange and scary title, I’ll explain it all in a bit. Before I do though, I want to say that this post isn’t for everybody, it’s probably really only of interest to very small minority of people. But this website is about ‘What it’s really like to live in Australia‘ and when something [...]


I hope you have all enjoyed my posts about Western Australia over the last couple of weeks, but the holiday is now over. Time for a rant. Well, I haven’t had one of those for a while. Cold calling in Australia I’ll get to the telephone in a minute, but let’s start with doorknocking. In [...]

Dung beetle

Well, it was the natural progression from Wednesdays post called Flies in Australia: How Bad Is It? There was a time in Australia, so I’ve heard, when the fly problem was very bad. Very very bad. Thanks to one little critter the situation has improved dramatically over the years and Australians most certainly have fewer [...]


I’ve been catching up on my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles lately and with this particular reprint, I will be up to date. When people think of Australia they often also think of flies in your face. Irritating, annoying, face pestering persistent flies. But how bad is it? For me, living here in Brisbane, [...]


“Eee.” “Eeeeeeee.” “Aaaaaeeeee!” That conversation will make more sense to you after you’ve watched the first of the two videos coming up shortly. Koalas Every wild koala I’ve seen in Australia has been in a tree, usually asleep or simply not doing much. Like this… Or climbing up a tree, like this… Sometimes though, koalas [...]