About Australia’s ‘Bad Things’…


As I said last Tuesday, I am going to feature some of “Australia’s Bad Things” on weekly basis. When most people think of the bad things in Australia, then snakes and spiders, crocs and sharks spring to mind. But I will be delving into Australia’s bad things at a deeper level. There are more bad [...]

Since moving to Australia I have seen plenty of trespassers, intruders and various Australian bad things enter into my home and walk in my garden. Quite a large number of Brisbane’s wild creatures, creepie crawlies and ugly bugs have crossed my path. Going from memory, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things, I have [...]


On Sunday we decided to have a family day out.  So my wife and I and my son and daughter headed for Wet and Wild, a water park on the Gold Coast.  It’s very rare that all four of us go out together on account of the fact that my son, aged 22, stayed in [...]


One of my readers in the UK has requested that I do a post about the bad stuff. He says I’m making Australia look like paradise and it’s making him depressed. He needs cheering up, but he’s read about….