Australian Climate


First post of 2014, happy New Year to you. I hope this is the year you all achieve your dreams, maybe I might achieve one or two of mine as well. Here’s to hoping! I’ve had a jolly good holiday break since before Christmas and spent part of that time in a small seaside town [...]


Australia isn’t the only country to get wild weather, we’ve had plenty of examples recently of that. In just the last three weeks we’ve had storms lash Britain, the devastating Typhoon strike in the Philippines and just this weekend tornadoes ripped through America’s Midwest. Storm season, you won’t be surprised to hear, has now turned [...]


Very little rain in the last month or two, temperatures of 30°C or more and wind. Together they are the three ingredients for bushfires as I explained in my post Fire Safety in Australia: Prepare, stay and defend or go early. Sadly I have to return to this subject again, it’s been a particularly tough [...]


One of the big attractions for us in moving to Australia was the weather. England, in case anybody doesn’t know, can be very “grey” and “drizzly”. Don’t get me wrong, the UK does do the four seasons very well; maybe you might get a bit of snow in winter but you will also get those [...]


On Monday of this week we had the first significant rainfalls in Brisbane for something like 75 days. Where I live in the western suburbs of Brisbane I can’t even remember it raining in the last 75 days, and I have to say that everything in the garden is looking a little browned off. Here [...]


Which Australian city is the least windy? I’ll get to that shortly. In this month’s edition of our free magazine/large leaflet “Living in Brisbane” (delivered to our door) we are again being advised to prepare for this year’s storm season. The storm season generally runs from around October through to May each year, and here [...]


Was it really just over three weeks ago that I was whingeing about the cold weather here? Yes, on 17 July I wrote my traditional post comparing temperatures in the middle of Brisbane’s winter with London’s summer, and London thrashed us. As I said at the time, London had romped home with a winning distance [...]


On Sunday evening I went for a little walk around Rocks Riverside Park which is in a suburb called Seventeen Mile Rocks, about 10 kilometres south of Brisbane City. Here’s a photograph taken by somebody smart who owns a smart camera… That photograph is courtesy of the Wikipedia page all about Rocks Riverside Park and its [...]