Australia vs UK


One of the ‘joys’ of Mrs Bob having a broken leg is that I have to go to the supermarket to do the shopping. In the last few weeks I have probably been into Coles more times than I have in the previous five or six years. I am, of course, given a shopping list [...]


Good question. And one that I’ve not yet got my head fully around even though I have now lived here almost 6 years. I’ve had quite a few close encounters of the medical kind since being here though, so I can sum it up my own few words. “It works very well, but it is [...]


What do you get if you take one professional dog walker, two dogs, a dog park and put them all together on one hot spring evening? Let me be more specific. The professional dog walker is none other than the director of Dog Walks Pty Ltd and also partner in the local pet care business, [...]


I have two alternative titles for today’s post. For those of you who were just as bamboozled as I was when you arrived at the polling station on Saturday, it’s called… Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted And for those of you who were expecting the complicated voting arrangements that awaited me, [...]


For some people the idea of moving to Australia conjures up some very strange thoughts and questions. Will I miss my friends and family? How will I cope with the snakes and spiders? Will it be too hot for me? If I go swimming in the sea, will I get eaten by a shark? Will [...]


When we first arrived in Australia at the tail end of 2007 my daughter Elizabeth was just 3 1/2 years old. Back in England she had attended a nursery school, when we arrived here we discovered we had to find a different kind of place for her to mince clogs with other kids. It was [...]


It was back in January of this year when Julia Gillard announced the date of the next federal election here in Australia. As we are not going to the polls until September 14, we are currently in the midst of the longest (I think) election campaign in Australian political history. A couple of weeks ago [...]


Tomorrow, here in Australia, it’s budget day. So, how’s that going to go for us? Well, two years ago I wrote a post called BobinOz’s Probably Wildly Inaccurate Australian Budget Special 2011. I’m sure you remember reading it and I’m also sure you no doubt remember that in it our Treasurer, Wayne Swan, said his [...]