Australia vs UK


We know Australians love their pies, we’ve talked about this before in my post Who Ate All the Pies? When you go to a baker’s here, you don’t so much see chilled cabinets jampacked with ready-made sandwiches, instead they have hot shelves stuffed with sausage rolls and pies. Just one pie left in this baker’s… [...]


There’s a bit of a hullabaloo going on here in Australia at the moment about tax on petrol which is due to rise on November 10th. When that date arrives I will have lived here in Australia for seven years, barring for just four days. In all that time, I’ve never heard any mention of [...]


… whatever you’re called, we will miss you. An old ritual comes to an end this month. The state of Queensland have decided to scrap rego stickers for cars, beginning first of October this year. My ‘Road Fund Licence (RFL)’, ‘car tax’, ‘rego’, whatever you want to call it, ran out on 1 September this [...]


First, houses in the UK Today we are going to be looking at houses, lots of them. Look, here’s one already… That used to be my house, it’s where I lived when I was a young child, from around 2 to 14. There were about 100 or so houses in my street, and they pretty [...]


The other day I was driving along the road, as you do, when out of the corner of my eye I saw an advertising sign on the pavement. This wasn’t any old advert, the message was actually quite disturbing. So disturbing, I needed to take a photograph of it. You will be pleased to hear [...]


It’s time to find out again whether Australia, usually referred to as the ‘lucky country’ is still the ‘happy country’, as in the happiest country in the (OECD) world. Now, I know I mentioned this a couple of months ago when I wrote about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in my post Who Are the Happiest [...]

Australian Hyundai A-League versus The English Premier League thumbnail

I’m surprised I have lived here in Australia as long as I have without making this comparison before. Still, better late than never. Now, I understand this is a bit of a bloke’s post, and even then, not every bloke likes football (as it should be called) or soccer, as it is called here. For [...]


For most people choosing whether to move to Australia largely depends on the likelihood of them getting a job when they arrive. Probably the biggest question anyone moving here needs to ask themselves is this… “Should I move to Australia first and then look for a job, or should I secure a job before I [...]