Australians and Sport: The Olympics

Tonight, in London at 9 PM British Summer Time, the £27 million ($40 million AUD) opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics will begin. The three hour extravaganza is likely to be watched by something like 1 billion people from around the world.

Those of us who want to watch it here in Australia will have to be up very early indeed, six o’clock in the morning for most of us, 4am for those in Perth.

May be one for the record button, I would think.

Now, as you know, Australians love their sports. Any of you who’ve read my free e-book “20 Reasons” would have read this quote in one of the chapters…

“Australia’s results in the Olympic Games, for example, prove that they can punch way above their weight. Since the Olympics started, Australia has won 131 gold, 137 silver and 167 bronze medals.

The United Kingdom, with a population three times greater than that of Australia, has won 219 gold, 268 silver and 255 bronze medals. I make that a moral victory to Australia. In terms of world achievement, I believe Australia is the 13th most successful country in the Olympics.”

Yes, I’d say the Aussies do punch above their weight in these games and they’ll be hoping to do well again this year.

I hear, unusually, the sun has come out in England and you have had a few scorching days recently. Let’s hope that continues for all the people who travelled from around the world to visit England, some of them for the first time.

So, here’s to a successful London Olympics 2012. I hope the UK make a good go of this event despite the problems and worries we have all heard about, especially over security.

Michelle JennekeI won’t be there, and neither, unfortunately, will 19-year-old Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke. If she had, I’m sure she would have been an Olympic sensation! She’s already a sensation down here, following her warm-up routine which, apparently, she’s been doing for years.

The Friday Video

I always like to add a video on a Friday, and as today marks the beginning of the Olympics, what better than a sporting video? This is the women’s 100-metre hurdle event at the 2012 IAAF World Junior Championship in Barcelona.

Taking part in the race was our Aussie girl Michelle, and many words have been used to describe this performance. I’m going to use ‘happy’ and ‘focused’. I don’t think you’ll ever see anyone looking so happy before taking part in an event, and then so focused during it.

At the time of writing, over 1.4 million people had viewed this video; obviously they’ve all noticed that too. Oh, don’t forget to watch the race too to find out if the warm-up routine really works…x

If you stayed to watch the whole race, you will have seen that the warmup seems to work.

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  • Biton July 29, 2012, 5:42 am |

    £27 million ($40 million AUD) opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics…

    some east London people forced to leave their homes, rocket launchers on some apartment roofs, Canary Wharf companies staff commuting problems, visa only, black cabby’s not allowed to use the Olympics lanes, 2.7 million people unemployed, pensioners dying in the winter, company after company shutting down, bankers scamming millions, wow the UK on it’s best!

    i have the feeling that the Olympics is loosing it’s original foundation, bring countries together.

    • BobinOz July 30, 2012, 4:14 pm |

      When it’s all added up at the end, I’m pretty sure that $40 million will pale into insignificance against the total cost of hosting the Olympics in London.

      As I understand it, only Los Angeles made a profit out of the Olympics on one occasion, but that was down to the fact there were no other bidders that year so they could dictate to the Olympic Committee what they would and would not do.

      Everyone else has made a massive loss.

      I’m sure it can only get worse from a financial point of view.

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